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Create a Simple Content System that works for you, and automate it so you can show up daily, without showing up daily.

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Create a Content System with my Proven Tools

All my tools to help you take your videos, podcasts and blogs and turn them into microcontent.  Create a content system that posts and extracts leads for you... without you. Do It Yourself here!


Done For You Content Repurposing

We take your existing content and turn it into 60+ pieces of microcontent - and post it every day for you. Our system runs for you so you can focus on other things. Click below for Done For You!


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Who is Beck Power ?

Hey, I'm Beck! I'm a digital nomad entrepreneur from New Zealand who's now based in Toronto, Canada.

I've been working in the content industry in some way or another for the last 8 years and now run an agency where we actually create and post hundreds of pieces of content for our clients! After receiving so many questions about DIY content, my team created this Academy to help YOU - small businesses, coaches, speakers and authors to create and use better content, grow. their audiences and connect with their ideal clients.


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